"My goal is to continue being as independent for as long as possible.
I live with the impacts of Multiple Sclerosis and experience often services who do not treat me with respect. They either don’t know, don’t care or withhold options and information from me, making me feel left out and not important.

My experience with DAISI has been quite the opposite. I always feel empowered in many ways. The DAISI team always treat me with respect and remind me I am the expert in my life. DAISI always provides options and choices to me which then makes me feel empowered. They give me the capacity to make my own decisions making me feel important and validated.

Just recently my NDIS plan got approved. I have received supports that I didn’t think were even possible. The reason my NDIS experience all went so smoothly and worked out so well is because the Daisi team was thorough and dedicated in preparing me with putting together my pre plan. My pre plan demonstrated ALL my needs, even the NDIS, LAC (Local Area Coordinater) commented it went so smooth because of the pre plan being so good.

I am very grateful to DAISI and want everyone in the community to benefit from what they do. They empower people to live their best life with information and knowledge."


"As an Ability Linker, I've often relied upon the expertise of colleagues from DAISI whom I have found to be really collaborative, resourceful and responsive in coordinating supports for young people in need and their carers/family members.

The staff are really skilled and have a level of compassion and understanding of their participants' circumstances. Their efforts and knowledge fill a vital component in the Northern Rivers capacity to respond to the level of need.