NDIS Participant


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new way the government is providing disability support. It replaces supports that have been provided by NSW and QLD Disability Services. The NDIS has rolled out across NSW, including the Far North Coast and began in Queensland on 1 July 2018. The NDIS is now available on the Gold Coast and across Queensland.

There are different pathways to the NDIS. Your pathway and eligibility are determined depending on your citizenship, residency or visa status, how old you are and the support you currently receive.

How DAISI Can Help

DAISI Services Limited is a registered NDIS provider.

At DAISI we approach everything we do with you in the centre and driving how we work. If you have questions about the NDIS and your individual situation we can help. DAISI can assist you by providing NDIS funded support, fee-for-service assistance and general NDIS information.

To find out more about how DAISI can help you: 

Free call 1800 800 340 or email info@daisi.as.au

Information Packages

DAISI knows the NDIS can be difficult to understand and navigate. To assist you to make sense of it and get the best results for your needs, DAISI has developed information packs for the key steps along the way of your NDIS journey. These packs are freely available below. Each one includes: what DAISI knows about what needs to be done; what the NDIA says; and selected information and resources from other organisations.

Preplanning Support

As your friendly local community-based organisation, DAISI can provide you with general NDIS information about local services that may make your life easier. These services can include government, community groups, local service providers and non-government agencies. We can make referrals to some services on your behalf. In addition, we can provide confidential information on how to start the pathway to NDIS engagement and the steps involved. Our aim is to build strong and connected communities that will enrich the lives of those in the community, especially those who may be at a disadvantage.

For a minimal hourly fee, DAISI can also support and guide you in gathering the evidence required to access the NDIS and fully prepare you for the pre-planning meeting with your LAC (Local Area Coordination service). We can create a Planning Workbook for you to take to the meeting which provides contextual information about the very real, everyday pressures on the participant and carer. This will help the LAC and NDIS planner understand the true impact of the disability. We can also attend the LAC meeting with you if you wish.


Support Coordination

At DAISI we treat each participant as an individual with their own needs, wants and goals.

If you have support coordination in your NDIS plan and identify DAISI as your Support Coordinator, we can help you ‘activate’ your plan and make the goals come to life. DAISI believes in supporting your capacity to make life decisions, exercise choice and control, and participate in the community.

As your Support Coordinator we can assist you to identify and engage with the right providers to meet your needs. We can also assist in overcoming barriers in your plan and resolving service delivery issues. We will work to strengthen and support your capacity to connect with mainstream services, coordinate your supports, be self-directed and participate in your community.

Your DAISI Support Coordinator will partner with you to budget for each support type, negotiate services and prices as part of any quotable supports and liaise with your plan manager, if you have one, on the breakdown and allocation of funds. They will also help you understand your responsibilities under service agreements and how to change or end a service agreement when required.

Contact us for more information on what we can do and how to request DAISI as your Support Coordinator provider.

Plan Management

Plan Management, is about how the supports or services in your NDIS plan are paid for. You can request your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to put plan management into your plan and you can choose who you want this to be at your preplanning meeting. There are also several other ways to manage the money in your plan, you could self-manage your plan, choose an NDIS registered provided or let the NDIA manage your funds, or have a combination of these choices.

If you choose DAISI as your Plan Manager we will pay your service providers, process claims for money you spend, claim your payments from the NDIA and provide you with monthly statements.

DAISI is proud to be an independent provider of support coordination and plan management services. We are here to help you get the outcomes you want and what you need from your service providers. We provide impartial, independent, accountable and transparent plan management.

Information available on the NDIS Website

The National Disability Insurance Scheme website provides further information about the Scheme, people with a disability, families and carers, participants, providers, communities and news. It has information organised by state and territory and local region about the availability of the Scheme, how to access it, local area coordination and events..

You can also access facts sheets and other publications across a range of topics, including easy English versions. If you have hearing or speech loss call the National Relay Service for assistance with accessing these resources, phone TTY on 1800 555 677 or Speak and listen on 1800 555 727. For language translation call 131 450.

Other organisations and links you may find useful are:

Ability Advocacy provide support, information and training to help people with disability to exercise their rights and to understand their responsibilities.
Ability Linkers connect people with disability, their families and carers in the community.
My Choice Matters is a project of Council of Intellectual Disability to help people get prepared for the changes to the disability support system.

Partnering with the NDIS to provide the Local Area Coordination service in Northern NSW is Social Futures.

NDIS Complaints

If you want to provide feedback or complain about your experience of the NDIS you can call the National Disability Insurance Authority on 1800 800 110, email feedback@ndis.gov.au or fill in an online complaint form. You can make a complaint in your preferred language. More information about the NDIS feedback and complaint process is available on the NDIS website.  If you are uncomfortable with complaining to the NDIA or the outcome of a complaint, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman on 1300 362 072 or through their website.

If you would like to provide feedback or complain about any services provided by DAISI please let us know. You can contact us by calling 1800 800 340, emailing to info@daisi.asn.au, dropping in or sending a letter by post to our Head Office at 166 River Street, Ballina NSW 2483.

Alternatively, if you want to make a complaint about any service provider or support received, and have been unable to resolve the issue directly with them, contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission via its website or by phone on 1800 035 544.