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Healthy Relationships

People living with a disability are at higher risk of both domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Women with disability report higher rates of sexual violence and intimate partner violence with 1 in 4 women with disability having experienced sexual violence after the age of 15. The rates of sexual assault and partner violence are higher for men and women with disability than without. 

Our Healthy Relationships program aims to reduce intimate partner violence and provide individuals with suitable education and resources to promote healthy relationships, health, and hygiene. 

Healthy Relationships will identify the tools and strategies for teaching individuals with a disability 

about safe, healthy relationships and sexuality, promoting positive body image, self-confidence, and communication and reducing the risks of domestic and sexual violence. Our program will also offer training for families, carers and service providers to support this education of their family and/or client and to understand the role of sex education as a primary domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention strategy.