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Flood Relief

Mobile Counselling Service

Communities within the Northern Rivers have been decimated by the recent floods, homes and livelihoods have been destroyed. Those affected by the flooding have experienced trauma and now face decreasing mental health and wellbeing. In the long-term, this cohort will continue to suffer from declining wellbeing if they do not receive the immediate support they need.

Further, numerous community services have been lost to the flood waters including DAISI’s Lismore therapy services hub, a space which offers counselling and services to vulnerable members of the Lismore Shire. Many of these clients are now unable to access DAISI’s services and are at risk of becoming increasingly isolated. Often members of our community who are disadvantaged through the inability to access services/support lack the knowledge of how to access these resources and services and are increasingly disconnected from their community. This exacerbates their risk of social isolation and falling further to the margins of society. 

DAISI’s flood relief project will work to reconnect with those affected by the floods in the Northern Rivers area and provide them with a mobile counselling service with the aim to address the immediate needs of the community in dealing with their trauma experience and to build their resilience and social networks in the long-term. 

Your support will enable those affected by the flooding to rebuild their lives and communities.