Developing a plan

What do I need to develop my plan?

Once you are registered as an NDIS participant your Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Planner will contact you to arrange a time for your planning meeting.

At that meeting you will be asked to discuss:

  • what supports you need to reach your goals
  • if you need help coordinating the supports in your plan
  • how you want to manage your plan funds.

The information you provide at this meeting will help work out what you need in your plan. If you take the right information to this meeting you are more likely to get the services and supports you need - so it is very important to be prepared before attending your planning meeting. Your supports will be based on what is reasonable and necessary and must be based on evidence.

The planning meeting is often called a preplanning meeting. This can be very confusing. Many people think these are two separate meetings, but they are the same thing. There is only one meeting.

Preplanning Meeting = Planning Meeting

This means thinking about what support you currently get from people in your life, the community and any services you may already receive. In thinking about the kind life a person your age might live, does your disability or condition create barriers? What support do you need to live your life and reach your goals?

What is in this package?

This package contains information about what you need to do to get ready for your NDIS planning meeting. It includes what DAISI knows about how to prepare and any resources from other organisations we think you may find useful. The complete resource is available below for free download, followed by the individual resources it includes:

Developing my plan

  1. What do I need to develop my plan? (DAISI)
  2. What is Capacity? (DAISI)
  3. Does the NDIS fund Behavioural Supports? (DAISI)
  4. Does the NDIS fund Transport? (DAISI)
  5. Planning Booklet 2 (NDIS)
  6. Setting up your myGov Account (DAISI)
  7. Planning meeting preparation checklist (DAISI)
  8. DAISI NDIS Plan Management (DAISI)
  9. DAISI NDIS Plan Management (DAISI)