Managing woes

Ducks definitely help manage your woes…. So does having good information. It is easy to be concerned  at the moment and it’s important you get the best information you can. We want to make sure you have good information and contacts about Covid 19.

Below are links to health department fact sheets and information.

DASI is committed to continuing to provide high quality support for you, we are all learning through this and if you have any ideas or questions please contact us and let us know.

Yours sincerely

Joanne Mclean


We are open and kicking goals

Hello all,

DAISI will keep helping you to kick goals, even though we are all feeling swamped!!!

We are open and will continue to provide our services. A lot of DAISI staff are working from home to keep everyone as safe as possible, so please call.

We are contactable, on 1800 800 340 and if you need a face to face meeting please call and arrange a time to meet first.

Yours sincerely

Joanne Mclean


Tending to growth

Hello from DAISI, we are still here and growing by the day.

I have been thinking about how we are developing as an organisation – there are so many huge changes we have experience through the NDIS journey. I feel like the last few months we have learnt more than ever and things are coming together better each day.

We finally have a clear picture of the business model and how it works best. Due to having a talented accountant who specialises in business development and management accounting we now have real time calculations for our unit costing, that I can change daily if needed, to understand the impact of more clients, smaller budgets, more available staff hours and a range of other business drivers in what we do. This means I know exactly where we are all the time.

We have also learnt so much about how to better support our customers. We understand the system better and are helping them to get the critical supports they need, as well as knowing how they can increase their use of their NDIS budgets and utilise a wider range of options to reach their goals.

We are learning about the best skills needed for different parts of the work and we have started a more team-based approach to supporting clients so that they get the benefit of a broader range of skills and experience.

I think the biggest thing we have learnt recently is the values challenge we face in the NDIS system. We still experience participants being inappropriately funded, underfunded or with short time frames on plans. As we are working in support coordination, specialist support coordination and plan management it often means difficult conversations about what we can and can’t do.

When the focus of support coordination is getting people’s plans running and effective, and the NDIS seems to assume this can be achieved in very short time frames, there are many challenges. These participants have high levels of complexity which is why they have support coordination in the first place; so the biggest challenge for us is where DAISI’s organisational values – building capacity, individualised practice, being honest and sustainability – butt up against the system. As you can image these conversations are often heated and hard.

We are constantly asking is this plan working long term? Has the person developed the capacity to sustain these relationships and agreements? Have we worked with this person as who they are within their community? Are we being honest about the outcomes?

The learning continues and we are looking forward to continuing to grow our organisation and getting better outcomes for our customers over the coming years.