Welcome to DAISI’s new blog

Welcome to the first ever DAISI Blog

I was reading the other day about how community is developed, how we build the fabric of our communities. One thing that struck me as critical to building the strength of a community was the importance of the stories we tell; our stories seem to bind us together.

We need to listen to each other, hear each other’s stories. Telling our stories helps us understand each other, helps us see how similar we are.

We all have stories of challenges, we all have stories of friendship, we all have stories of loss and we all have stories of growing up and changing, some of us are fortunate to even have stories of love. These stories show how human we are. When we listen to each other we learn to see each other. not just in that passing by way with a nod, but really see each other.

I have decided to tell you a bit of the DAISI story from this year. In May last year I decided to come and work at DAISI. It has been a challenging, interesting, exhausting and amazing time. There has been a lot of change. We have learnt so much from each other and from you, about how we needed to grow and change to help build our community.

Early on we realised we needed to ask people what they needed from us. For too long people have been talking but not listening. So some of the DAISI team went out and asked. We talked to older people, we talked to people who have no homes, we talked to people with a disability, we talked to carers - we talked to as many people as we were able to.

The stories we heard told us people feel isolated, have no transport, can’t always understand the options available to them so sometimes need information or someone to talk it through with. Some people talked about not having a chance to be part of things and contribute what they can, because often people only see what they can’t do.

Through listening to these stories we now have an idea of how we need to move forward and do better in building our community. We are helping people through the NDIS, providing support coordination to assist them find the right information and the right services, and to talk through any issues with their plans. We are also developing the way we provide information and support to make it easier to access and help more people. We are hopeful we will also get some new projects off the ground to help people feel less isolated. Most importantly we will keep listening.

Joanne McLean, CEO, DAISI Services Ltd.