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Aged Care Glossary

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High-level care

High level care provides people who need almost complete assistance with most activities of daily living with 24 hour care, either by registered nurses, or under the supervision of registered nurses. Nursing care is combined with accommodation; support services (cleaning, laundry and meals; personal care services (help with dressing, eating, toileting, bathing and moving around); and allied health services (such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy and podiatry). High level care was previously known as 'Nursing Home' care. See also Specified care and services.

Home and Community Care Act 1985

The Home and Community Care Act 1985 is the Commonwealth legislation that governs financial assistance for home and community care services, the planning of services, and for people who are to be assisted through the program.

Home and Community Care Program

Home and Community Care (HACC) Program provides a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated range of basic maintenance and support services to help people maintain their independence at home and in the community. It is a joint Australian and state/territory government program.

Home modifications

Home modifications are changes or additions to a person's house or local environment that allow them to live more comfortably, safely, and securely at home for as long as possible.